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It's not about us, It's about them

The emblematic Farfalla butterfly takes on a greener metamorphosis with the new “Le Verde” collection. Aruna Seth exists to create luxury footwear and accessories that are kinder for the planet.

Here at Aruna Seth we make a conscious effort to eliminate the use of animal leather and turn towards leather alternatives such as apple leather and pineapple leather. Our shoes embody femininity and the initiative that the new luxury is kind. It is our mission here to break the cycle of animal cruelty within luxury fashion.

Fashion often exists in the form of replaceable, disposable products which have impacted our planet and its inhabitants. Classicism is at the heart of our design; designing for longevity with kinder materials and a kinder supply chain. Produced in Venice, master craftsmen produce the shoes using the finest, vegan materials and innovative techniques.

Our Mission

Here at Aruna Seth education has been at the heart of everything we do. Our mission is to educate ourselves and our clients on the immense impact that luxury fashion has on our wildlife and planet. It isn’t about us, it’s about them…

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